Software Defined Radio Club (SRC), Singapore

Software Defined Radio Club, Singapore

Greetings everyone, and thank you for tuning in!

My name is Amalinda Gamage and I have a plan to form a group out of Software Radio Enthusiasts in Singapore. The key idea is to conduct professional yet friendly sessions among like-minded people to share knowledge and promote Software Defined Radio (SDR) in Singapore.

My work is a lot related to Wireless Communications. As a newbie, I believe SDR is a great tool to flatten the great mountain of wireless learning curve in a fun/practical/effective way. However, it seems SDR is not popular amongst Singaporeans hence, my idea to formulate a club.

For starters, I'm thinking we can meet once a once a month with several getting started talks/demos. If I captured your attention, do email me (amalinda @ or call me on 90309144.

Amalinda J Gamage