Software Defined Radio Society, Singapore

SDR, Singapore

Greetings everyone, and thank you for tuning in!

My name is Amalinda Gamage and I have a plan to form a society out of Software Defined Radio enthusiasts in Singapore. The key idea is to conduct professional yet friendly sessions among like-minded people to share knowledge and promote Software Defined Radio (SDR) in Singapore.

My work is a lot related to Wireless Communication. As a newbie, I believe SDR is a great tool to flatten the great mountain of wireless learning curve in a fun/practical/effective way. However, it seems SDR is not popular amongst Singaporeans hence, my idea to formulate a club.

Mandatory Requirements
- An SDR (such as the $20 RTL-SDR)
- Must have comprehensively followed through all 11 videos on Software Defined Radio by Michelle Ossman( or should be confident that he/she knows this content otherwise

A Word About the Second Mandatory Requirement
As astounding as it sounds, Michelle Ossman's series is not tough! However, it requires you to dedicate a significant portion of your valuable time to go through each lesson, perhaps multiple rounds. I brag not!, it took me longer than an year to truly understand this content. So, take your time and take the course slowly. We all should give priority to other work that pay our living. Should you find yourself completely stuck, you can contact me with your problem. I'll see what I can do, but help is not guaranteed.

Vision & Mission of the Society
Despite the plethora of excellent software available (GQRX, SDR Angel, SDR Sharp etc) to perform all sorts of modulations & vice-versa at the click of a mouse, there is no comparable happiness to writing our own using GNU Radio and sending signals through hardware/software we synthesized & have full control over. This is the vision of this society.

Becoming a Super-Power Human
As normal beings, our powers are limited. But, if you want to become a more powerful human being, you can become a licensed Amateur Radio operator by sitting for an exam set by the IMDA, Singapore. This country has an amaizing Amateur Radio crowd.
Please refer here:

For starters, I'm thinking we can meet once a once a month for interesting demos/discussions. If I captured your attention, do email me (amalinda at comsoc dot org).

Amalinda J. Gamage

Update : 25th Match 2019
The club has is not started yet as I do not have sufficient numbers. I am initiating steps to register the club with the government of Singapore. Your help is appreciated.