6 Axis Motion Data Logger   [Oct 2015-Jan 2016]
GSM Based Tracker with μ Energy Harvesting [Feb-Nov 2013]

    This device was designed to efficiently harvest as low as microwatts (μW) to milliwatts (mW) of energy generated from a variety of sources such as solar, thermoelectric, electromagnetic and vibration energy. The strength of energy scavenging capability of this design emerges from the capabilities of the TI BQ25504 IC. The MSP430 MCU further extends the unit’s lifetime with it's ultra-low power capabilities. This system was formulated with the intention of enabling a mechanism to log prolonged locomotion data of wild elephants to propose a solution to the Elephant Human Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka.

                    Overview of the conceptual system.

            Prototype version of the energy harvesting tracker unit.

A Model Radar [November 2012 - January 2013]

    During the internship at the Airport and Aviation, I undertook a project to develop a simple circuit that demonstrates the basic concept of a radar using reflected ultrasonic waves. The project was presented at the annual national exhibition "Deyata Kirula", 2013. The project involved no programmable devices.

                                            The design.