NTU Campus Wide LoRa Network   [AUG 2017 -to date]
    NTU's campus wide LoRa network comprises of 3 LoRa gateways solely powered by renewable energy sources and multiple end nodes placed around campus to monitor/actuate a range of very interesting things.

JumboNet   [Oct 2015-Aug 2017]
    JumboNet is a collaborative effort to formulate a batteryless wireless network to perform real-time monitoring of wild elephants as a solution to Human Elephant Conflict in Sri Lanka. It proposes a combination of kinetic energy harvesting and wireless protocols to extract locomotion data out of elephants that reside deep in the forest. In order to determine the feasibility of using kinetic energy harvesting for tracking elephants, real acceleration data was collected from an Asian elephant over a 10 day period. This data was then used to tune and maximize the energy generation of a kinetic harvester that utilised magnetic levitation and ferrofluid bearings.

    The experiments validate that the proposed prototype can be used to generate upto 88.91J of energy per day. This energy is not only sufficient to power the tags to acquire and transmit locations 24 times a day to a distance of 114Km (line of sight), but also provides a surplus of at least 35.40J, which can be used to increase the frequency of position updates or to support alternative transmission protocols. Jumbonet shows the viability of long-term tracking of elephants for real time monitoring.


  • GLOBECOM 2016: Design of a Low-Frequency Linear Motion Testbed for Electromagnetic Kinetic Energy Harvesters in JumboNet
  • NITC/SEARCC 2017: Design of a Kinetic Energy Harvester for Elephant Mounted Wireless Sensor Nodes of JumboNet

  • Visit JumboNet.lk for more recent news.
GSM Based Tracker with μ Energy Harvesting [Feb-Nov 2013]

    This device was designed to efficiently harvest as low as microwatts (μW) to milliwatts (mW) of energy generated from a variety of sources such as solar, thermoelectric, electromagnetic and vibration energy. The strength of energy scavenging capability of this design emerges from the capabilities of the TI BQ25504 IC. The MSP430 MCU further extends the unit’s lifetime with it's ultra-low power capabilities. This system was formulated wi th the intention of enabling a mechanism to log prolonged locomotion data of wild elephants to propose a solution to the Elephant Hum an Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka.

                    Overview of the conceptual system.

            Prototype version of the energy harvesting tracker unit.

A Model Radar [November 2012 - January 2013]

    During the internship at the Airport and Aviation, I undertook a project to develop a simple circuit that demonstrates the basic concept of a radar using reflected ultrasonic waves. The project was presented at the annual national exhibition "Deyata Kirula", 2013. The project involved no programmable devices.

                                            The design.