Design of Data Collection Collar

    This collar was designed to gather motion data of an elephant to evaluate the feasibility of performing kinetic energy harvesting to facilitate Real Time Monitoring. Block diagram of the initial system is shown in Figure-1. The design is not a wireless sensor node but a device to log the linear and angular acceleration present on top of a neck of an elephant. Figure-2 indicates a block diagram that shows the implementation of server.

    Dataset gathered from this project was utilised to test and evaluate the performance of a kinetic energy generator presented in Design of a Kinetic Energy Harvester for Elephant Mounted Wireless Sensor Nodes of JumboNet.

                    Figure 1 : Block Diagram of Data Logger
                    Figure 2 : Server Side of Logger Design

    Figure 3 and 4 are of the logger device without the unified GSM/GNSS antennae connected.

                    Figure 3 - Logger design (top view)

                    Figure 4 - Logger design (side view)

    Figure 5 - The antenna whose shortened cable was the culprit for the GSM leakage.

    Figure 6 - Mr. Rathnayaka (on the right) engineering the collar.

    Figure 7 - A server dump confirming over 3 million wireless records during testing.

    The collared elephant involved in all major activities which included bathing. Therefore an aluminum box of IP63 standard was used to secure the circuitry from water. The final design looked like the following.

                    Figure 8 - Overview of final collar

    The final step was mounting of collar and recovering data. The following photos were taken during that process.

                    Figure 9 - Myself before the 1st collar mount

                    Figure 10 - Yadhavan before the 1st collar mount

                    Figure 11 - Mounting the collar on second day

                    Figure 12 : Elephant engaged in eating

                    Figure 13 : Elephant taking a bath

          Figure 14 : Spraying water at high pressure towards the logger

                    Figure 15: Recovering data from the first mount

    From Left to Left to Right : Tharaka Millangoda,
    Yadhavan Gokulan, Milinda Millangoda and Amalinda Gamage.

    The team would like to acknowledge Ms. Nimalika Fernando for preparing the leather collar, Mr. Milinda Millangoda for providing permission to mount a collar on the elephant and Tharaka Millangoda for helping out throughout the mounting process and regular monitoring of the collar. We also would like extend our heartiest gratitude towards Mr. Rathnayaka and who dedicated his valuable time and efforts to engineer the mechanics of this collar. Finally, this project wouldn't have been possible without the support extended by the Faculty of Computing at SLIIT. The support extended by all of you have immensely helped us become successful in this task.